Shaving Brushes

A great shaving brush is an integral part in achieving the perfect shave.  The brush allows you to whip up a rich lather in your in your shaving bowl, turning shaving soap into shaving cream.  A quality brush will lift your whiskers as it lays down its thick, protective cream.

Shaving brushes range from about $10 to well over $300 and are determined by:

  • Quality of materials
  • Quality of design & construction
  • Reputation & heritage of the manufacturer

Handle materials range from cheap plastics (you won't find them here), to high-grade resins, and all sort of natural materials such as horn and fossilized bone.  Bristles can be natural or synthetic.  A good synthetic brush does a decent job, but tradition dictates the use of animal bristles.  

The least expensive bristles come from boars, are coarse, don't hold water well, make an inferior lather, and are scratchy on the face.  Next up the quality scale is horse hair, which is obtained from brushing the mane. Badger occupies the top category, but it's very important to note that there are several different grades of badger and even differences in how manufacturers grade their hair.  The best hairs are straight, soft, and durable.

A quality brush can deliver a lifetime of pleasure.
Brush quality is an area you should put frugality aside.
Better Tools = Better Results = Happier You

Hair grades from low to high: Boar, Horse, Pure Badger, Best Badger, Super Badger, and Silver Tip Badger.  

Differences in construction range widely from hand tied by old-world European craftsmen to machine made in countries we shall not name. All brushes look good coming out of the box for the first time, but a poorly made brush will shed and degrade quickly.  Even an expensive brush my shed a bit the first few times it's used; the bad one's never stop.  As is usually the case, hands-on craftsmanship delivers superior results. Think Rolls Royce, fine jewelry and watches, and, of course, Maui Tropical Soaps.

A high-end brush will provide you a closer, more comfortable shave and could even save money in the long run.  The shaving brushes we offer range from "very good" through "exceptional" and are priced accordingly.

Don't settle. 
Get your day off to a great start with an exceptional shave.