Kukui Nut Oil | Kauai Primal Rainforest

Kukui Nut Oil has amazing skin healing properties.  It's light and is easily absorbed into you skin, but what makes it really special is that it is loaded with essential fatty acids (EFAs).  In fact, Kukui nut oil has the most complete EFA profile of any vegetable oil.  What that means for you is that it is extremely nourishing and healing for your skin.  Kukui Nut oil works so well that it has been used in hospitals to help heal radiation burns!  Just think what is can do for you!

8.5 ounces | 250 ml
Scent: Ozone, Floral, Musky Base Note
A Favorite of Men & Women
From our sister company Passport Bodyworks
Grown in Hawai'i

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