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London's R.A Rooney & Sons LTD has been making premium shaving brushes for well over 200 years.  Although the company records were lost in a fire in 1886, it is widely believed that the company dates back to 1796.  In fact, R.A Rooney & Sons is the world's oldest manufacturer of high quality badger shave brushes, and many of their craftsmen and bristle buyers have been with the company for over 50 years.  Talk about tradition!

With several handle styles and different grades of badger hair, there is a price and style sure to fit.  These are quality brushes that do not require a break-in period.  Rooney brushes do an excellent job of holding water and whipping up a rich lather and should perform well for many years.  R.A Rooney & Sons' have been the choice of connoisseurs, royalty, executives, and long list of who's who for centuries.   

The brush name "Stubby" "Beehive" etc. refers to the shape and style of the handle, while the number refers to the size of the knot.
We offer several styles, which are described below:

Beehive Line: Hand polished, faux bone resign handle. This a classic shape designed for a good grip by wet, soapy hands.  Super Badger bristles are soft enough for those who prefer to face lather, and substantial enough for bowl of mug lathering.  Properly cared for, these brushes can last for decades. Made in England.

Beehive 1

  • Overall brush height: 90 mm 
  • Handle height: 46 mm 
  • Brush Loft: 44 mm 
  • Knot diameter: 20 mm
  • Bristles - Super Badger
  • Made in England

Beehive 2

  • Overall brush height: 97mm 
  • Handle height: 50mm 
  • Brush Loft: 47mm 
  • Knot diameter: 24mm 
  • Bristles - Super Badger
  • Made in England

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