About Us

Maui Tropical Soaps is a family owned and operated business, which began in a kitchen in Kula, Maui, in 1996. Our little business has grown quite a bit since then, in fact, we've made about 3 million bars of soap since then, but some things will never change. We never cut corners; we remain quality focused, and we always try to exceed our customers' expectations.

We are passionate about making socially responsible skincare that is healthy for you and our world. Our ingredients are natural, gentle, effective, and whenever possible, Certified Fair Trade. 

Our products are sold at boutiques and hotels throughout Hawaii, as well as stores and spas from Japan to Switzerland. We've created this website for our customers not near one of our stores, and we ship literally everywhere.

  • Established 1996, Maui, Hawaii
  • We supply luxury hotels, boutiques, and have customers around the world
  • We are passionate about making quality, healthful products
  • Our ingredients are skin-safe, non-toxic, natural, sustainable, often organic, and Certified Fair Trade whenever possible
  • All of our products are vegan-friendly
  • Absolutely everything is made in the US by our family
  • We guarantee you'll LOVE everything you ever buy from us, or we'll do whatever we can to make it so.
  • We've made about 3 million bars of handmade soap since 1996
    - That's a lot of clean, happy people!