8 Bar Traditional B&B Gift Set

Place our little traditional soaps at every sink (and big bars in your showers), and your home will smell like paradise. Our natural soaps are long-lasting, highly conditioning, great for getting a close, nick-free shave, plus many people use them to wash their hair.  Their versatility also makes them the perfect travel companions (don't use the junk most hotels provide).

For the past 20 years they've been so popular at bed & breakfasts around Maui, that we've just come to call them B&Bs. Boutique stores sell tens of thousands of these every year, they are in every Duty Free Shop in Hawaii, 5 Star hotels use them for their VIP guests, and they've washed many famous bottoms around the world. Since 1996 we've made over a million them - every one by hand!

This 8 bar set includes a sampling of our most popular B&B soaps in a cute organza bag.  Enjoy them around your home, or make someone's day with a special gift.

Catch the A L O H A - S P I R I T where ever you are!

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Type: Gift Set

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